Trees need TLC in this drought


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Trees need some help during a severe drought like the one we are experiencing in Southern California. Long term dry conditions can be detrimental to the health of both young and established trees. Even very old trees are not immune to lack of water.
Water under the drip line which is where the foliage falls as that is where the roots are beneath the ground, avoid watering the trunk unless the tree is very young. Apply water slowly as this helps to saturate the soil enabling it to move deep down to the roots and avoids illegal run off. Soaker hoses and drip system work well. Having water spray all over the foliage is never a good idea as it can promote diseases and pest infestations.
“The Las Virgenes Water District has the following mandatory restrictions now in effect:
* Irrigation is prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
* Irrigation water may not run off property into streets, gutters or onto adjacent properties.
* Irrigation is prohibited during rain or in the 24 hours following rainfall of an inch or more.
* The washing down of sidewalks, parking areas and driveways is not permitted.
* A trigger nozzle is required on hoses used for home car washing.
Spreading at least a three to four inch layer of wood chips around the base of trees as mulching can slow down evaporation, provide beneficial microorganisms, protect the roots from extreme heat and prevent weed growth.
Do not disturb the soil around trees by digging as this damages the delicate roots preventing them from absorbing water.