Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization injections of your trees root systems is the single most important preventive measure you can take to enhance the health, beauty, and vigor of your trees. Trees receiving regular applications of essential nutrients and water directly down to the roots are healthier, stronger and resistant to diseases and insects. Most trees require Deep Root Fertilizing because trees in urban landscapes are most often existing in a foreign environment. Deep Root Fertilization is a method of injecting fertilizer and water directly into the root system.  This provides your trees or shrubs the beneficial nutrients needed to fight off insects, disease and environmental stress such as drought.  We perform this service annually for our customers with excellent results in terms of a robust immune system, strengthened roots systems and cell structures with increased blooms and greener, denser foliage. It is important to fertilize before the warnings of nutrient deficiency is visible and your trees’ health has become compromised.  Call us for a complimentary estimate (805) 484-9900

 Beautiful tees add to the value of your property, take extra special care of them during this drought.

Irrigation - water slowly and deeply twice a month around the root line, not directly on the trunk.

Mulching - helps to prevent moisture escaping from the soil

Soil and Nutrient Management - deep root fertilization along with water helps to get the micro nutrients and water directly where it can be utilized.

Trimming - professional trimming of dead branches in the right spots will reduce the trees' need for water.

Insect Management - prolonged lack of water creates stress in trees which make them susceptible to insect infestations which could ultimately cause irreparable damage and death.