Save Precious Water for your Trees

O.K., we have had enough of this drought already! We at Greene Tree Care are going to have to resort to doing rain dances soon.  Like all Californian’s we are hoping, no, praying for El Nino to perform as expected this season. Our trees are suffering terribly. California native Oak trees in both urban and rural landscapes are showing signs of extreme stress, sadly many have died as the past 18 months have been the driest on record.  Many evergreenimages oaks, have brown leaves and thin foliage.  Leaf drop is a tree’s attempt to conserve water that it otherwise would lose through evaporation from its leaves. So, what can be done besides praying and rain dancing? We suggest forgetting about watering your lawn, which can be replaced easier than a special tree which has enhanced your environment in numerous ways and give it to the trees. Deep water your valuable trees by moving a hose around under the tree’s canopy during the day for a day or two at a low flow or rather trickle stream, so that the water penetrates deeply into the soil. Remember to water a few feet away from the base of the tree to avoid inviting damage from crown rot caused by fungi which thrive in water saturated soil. A deep watering, followed by soil drying for a month or so could be just what the arborist ordered for invigorating your thirsty tree perhaps proving some insurance that it will hang in until the rains come.

If your Oak Tree has dead branches or you just feel worried about it in general contact us here for a consultation